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The Global Balance Is at Risk

August 9, 2018 // La nación - Argentina - Spanish

Trump’s European trip ... has clearly shown the unbelievable weaknesses of this important figure who ... is turning the leading world power into an erratic and unreliable country.

A Sad Degradation

August 9, 2018 // Argumenti i Fakti - Russia - Russian

While accusing Russia of meddling, the U.S. is silent about its ‘exploits’ around the world.

Democracy Threatened

August 6, 2018 // Publico - Portugal - Portuguese

<i>The preliminary proof of Facebook’s influence on the manipulation of democracy is there. The prophecy of “Brave New World” is about to materialize.</i> Last weekend, the first results of an official inquiry into digital political manipulation in electoral processes became known. A committee of the British [Read more]
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