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US-China Trade Dispute Leads to Currency War

August 9, 2019 // Dong-A Ilbo - S. Korea - English

The U.S. Department of the Treasury labeled China a currency manipulator on Monday (local time). The department is claiming that the Chinese government controlling the foreign exchange market has forcefully appreciated the yuan to reduce its trade deficit. After the U.S. made an announcement to increase tariffs [Read more]

Trump’s Bluster Diplomacy

July 13, 2019 // The Hankyoreh - S. Korea - English

It was not very long ago that Donald Trump was calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man” and threatening to rain “fire and fury” down on North Korea. In response, Kim called Trump a “dotard” and promised an equally fiery attack on the United States. But now, two summits, the exchange of [Read more]

Fact and Fiction Behind the US’ Game with North Korea

May 16, 2019 // Hankyoreh - S. Korea - English

Amid the dramatic changes on the Korean Peninsula last year, many people thought that the emergence of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a providential opportunity. That idea was grounded in the belief that Trump is different from the US presidents that have preceded him, and that Kim is [Read more]
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