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How Putin Makes Russia a Colony of the US

February 1, 2017 // Echo Moskvy - Russia - Russian

No other country in the world was as happy as Russia about the election of the new U.S. president. The Russian military supply store Voentorg even offered some holiday discounts to the U.S. in celebration of Trump’s inauguration. It seems that people in Russia were happier than people in the United States about [Read more]

The Two Presidents and the Putin Factor: A Transition War

January 12, 2017 // la Repubblica - Italy - Italian

<i>Never has a transition been this rough. From the sanctions against Russia to the blow against Israel, Barack pulls no punches and The Donald hits back. </i> Only 20 days away from his farewell, Obama has dealt the latest blow in the political, strategic and personal war between himself, Trump and Putin, with his [Read more]

What Did They Fight For?

July 2, 2016 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

The U.S. Congress passing the "Global Magnitsky Act" can be seen as a threatening gesture lurking beneath talks on cooperation and the renewal of the Russia-NATO council on foreign affairs.
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