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Saudi Arabia

Uncle Sam’s Wild Goose Chase

October 22, 2010 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

As someone who had the courage to oppose the disaster that was to be Iraq War in its nascent stage, Obama should have turned his back on the shame of these wars and the larger so-called terror war. Instead he’s ended up with Bush’s baby in his hands, having enthusiastically adopted as he has his predecessor’s illegitimate brood.

The U.S. Involvement in Kashmir/South Asia

October 18, 2010 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

The United States is largely convinced that American national interests would be best served by a policy aimed at diminishing these historic tensions - of course Kashmir being the one. This in fact is what Obama, one of the brightest minds in the United States had learned from history.

U.S./CIA Culpability

October 17, 2010 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

If 3,000 deaths of 9/11 resulted in declaring war on whoever didn’t agree with the US, then Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan are justified in wanting to kill whomever they think is responsible for the anarchy in their countries.

Presiding Alongside the Taliban

October 11, 2010 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

That can be seen in the fact that, despite the Taleban’s announcement that it would not negotiate before foreign troops first withdraw, unofficial talks have been taking place. Even before Karzai’s confirmation, it was said by Gen. David Petraeus that no fewer than some 20 insurgent groups were in touch with Kabul about ending their campaigns.

Terror Plots

October 7, 2010 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

The most significant point about all these reports is that it is their own homegrown militants that Europe and the US need to fear.

Why Have the Returns on U.S. Treasury Bonds Decreased?

September 30, 2010 // Aleqtisadia - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

Investors all over the world have recently witnessed a drastic decrease in U.S. Treasury bond returns. Within the last five months, the returns on 10-year notes decreased from 4 percent annually to approximately 2.5 percent annually, their lowest point since December 2008. Additionally, the returns on 30-year notes [Read more]
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