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Saudi Arabia

Afghan Morass

April 13, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

So where do the allies go from here? The question will confront Zardari and Obama when they meet next month. Whether they like it or not, the two countries need and are stuck with each other. They will have to address the major irritant in their relationship though.

Time for Political Deals in Libya and Yemen

April 12, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

The United States, which has recently withdrawn its jet fighters and most of its battle ships from Libya, is taking a step back. It continues to call for Qaddafi's exit, but Washington is divided over the issue of arming the rebels and formally recognizing them.

West Should Help Libyans

April 4, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

As we all know, the facts are simple. The Libyan people have finally risen up against an evil dictatorship that has oppressed them for over 40 years. They are fighting against superior amour, air power and a trained army buttressed by professional mercenaries.

U.S. Should Pass Laws Against Bigotry

April 4, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

It's shameful that such a nonentity who runs a tiny church with a scant 30-member congregation is empowered to hold the security of his country to ransom. On that occasion, Jones reluctantly backed off from his plan.

Bahrain: Who Is Speaking …Tehran or Washington?

March 28, 2011 // Asharq Al Awsat - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the countries of the Arabian Gulf that have sent Peninsula Shield forces to protect security in Bahrain are on the wrong track with their intervention. The U.S. Secretary of State demands that the Bahraini government engage in dialogue with the Shiite opposition. [Read more]

A No Fly Zone Won’t Work

March 16, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

Libya has a large armory of both planes and anti-aircraft guns that have trained over decades for the eventuality of an outside attack. The Libyan military may not be the most sophisticated outfit in the world but it can cause a lot of trouble.

Muslim Apathy to U.S. Witch-Hunt

March 15, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

US Democratic Rep. for California's 12th Congressional District Jackie Speier was hissed and booed when she condemned the hearing as being "grossly incomplete" and suggested that in addition to investigating Islamic radicalism, a Christian terrorist organization called The Army of God should also come under scrutiny.
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