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Electoral College Is Medieval Relic

December 21, 2016 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Two of the three United States presidents of this century have initially been elected by a majority of voters in the [Electoral] College and a minority of popular votes. However, the Electoral College is not an American invention, but a medieval relic. Across various centuries, many political communities in Europe and [Read more]

A Shift in Relations between Venezuela and the US?

July 18, 2015 // Tal Cual Digital - Venezuela - Spanish

The Bolivarian revolution has multiple fronts open both on a domestic and international scale. In this context, relations with the United States and Colombia have been some of the most complex we have seen, since for years they have been irrationally managed. Now, when the crisis is in one of its most critical phases, [Read more]

Do We Matter to Washington?

April 23, 2015 // El Nuevo Diario - Nicaragua - Spanish

Quite often, Latin American international relations officers wonder if we have validity on Washington’s foreign policy agenda. Except for a few crises, like the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 or the one with Mexico in recent years, we are not at the center of U.S. interests. Sometimes, certain situations [Read more]

5 Reasons to Reject the US Sanctions

March 26, 2015 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

<i>Here we outline five reasons to condemn the unilateral sanctions made by the U.S. toward Venezuela.</i> - Seventy-three percent of the population rejects them. That is the percentage that, according to Hinterlaces, questions the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela. Namely, the sanctions are looked upon unfavorably by the [Read more]

The Single Correct Lesson

December 19, 2014 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

Today’s Cuba is not that of yesterday. Obama’s new politics respecting the island state are more than logical. Cuba is a bridge on which both America’s could meet.

Modern-Day Colonization

September 26, 2014 // El Nuevo Diario - Nicaragua - Spanish

The year 2050 is a long way off, but whites are currently the minority in four states: Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas, as well as in Washington, D.C.