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America’s Irrational Military Budget

March 22, 2008 // Korea Herald - South Korea - English

PARIS -- As the United States and the world mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, debates are raging about the consequences -- for Iraq, the Middle East, and America's standing in the world. But the Iraq war's domestic impact -- the Pentagon's ever mushrooming budget and its long-term influence on the [Read more]

U.S. Elections and South Korea

March 19, 2008 // The Korea Herald - South Korea - English

John McCain will represent the Republicans in November's U.S. elections, while Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will represent the Democrats. South Korea now has a new president who strongly advocates the reinvigoration of the U.S.-South Korea alliance and strong strategic cooperation between the two countries. In view [Read more]

Clarity on North’s Nukes Needed!

March 19, 2008 // JoongAng Ibo - South Korea - English

North Korea and the United States had in-depth discussions in Geneva last weekend regarding the North's nuclear programs. U.S. chief negotiator Christopher Hill said he had useful and substantive talks with his counterpart, Kim Gye-gwan. Kim also said the talks were satisfying. No tangible agreements were made but it [Read more]

Nurture Korea-U.S. Alliance

March 12, 2008 // JongAng Daily - South Korea - English

Key Resolve, a Korea-U.S. joint military drill that ended last weekend, set a good model for the alliance of the two countries. It boasted a developed defense capacity. As an example, a nuclear-powered submarine armed with missiles participated in the annual exercise for the first time, and Special Forces from both [Read more]

Obama as Google, Clinton as MS

March 1, 2008 // The Korea Herald - South Korea - English

It's 2008, the year of the U.S. presidential elections. But it seems that this year's 2008 campaign cycle began four years ago, the day after the November 2004 elections. At that time, in 2004, I wrote a New Perspective article entitled "2008's primary colors," in which I stated, "On the Democratic ticket are the [Read more]

More Than a Concert

February 27, 2008 // JoongAng Daily - South Korea - English

Although it may think otherwise, time is not on North Korea's side. It should conclude the declaration issue as quickly as possible.
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