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Another Vietnam?

April 19, 2010 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

The Vietnam War plays an important role in the history of contemporary war because it represents the first major defeat of the United States as a superpower. In a relatively short time, the Americans had gone from being an isolationist nation to defeating the Axis of Evil in World War II, and later becoming one of the [Read more]

The U.S. Wants a Pact against Nuclear Terrorism

April 15, 2010 // La Razon - Spain - Spanish

<b>The international event lost its impact when the Israeli prime minister bowed out for fear of an "ambush."</b> When Barack Obama announced the convention of the Nuclear Security Summit that starts today in Washington, his team at the National Security Council was prepared to host the largest conference in the [Read more]

The New Nuclear Doctrine

April 14, 2010 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<b>Obama is redefining the limits of the use of atomic arms that were established during the Bush era.</b> United States President Barack Obama continues to take steps toward tackling the next revision of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), with the actual possibility of success. On the eve of his trip to [Read more]

Obama’s Blacklist

April 13, 2010 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

What makes [al-Awlaki's] inclusion in this catalogue of “the targeted” — alongside Bin Laden, Al Zawahiri and others of the same ilk — is that, in this case, the man is a citizen of the United States.

Tibet and Taiwan: On Sale for 10 Cents

April 7, 2010 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

“The Pope! How many divisions has he got?” The quote is unconfirmed but attributed to Stalin. If he really did say it, it represents one of the Soviet dictator’s greatest blunders. Today, the Soviet Union and the communism of Stalin lie in the garbage dump of history. The Vatican, however, continues, scandals and [Read more]

A Decisive Showdown

April 6, 2010 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Obama must put a stop to the Israelis’ defiant policy of settling in Jerusalem. The meeting in Washington between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu has served to underline the discrepancies between Israel and its principal ally and protector concerning the unstoppable Jewish colonization of eastern Jerusalem. [Read more]

Ten Letters: Obama’s Umbilical Cord to Reality

April 5, 2010 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

The White House has been often described as a bubble contained by the hundreds of advisors, government employees and elected officials who filter for the president the information about what’s happening beyond the walls of the mythical building. Right after being sworn in as president, Obama decided he would escape [Read more]

The New Americans

April 3, 2010 // La Razon - Spain - Spanish

There has been no consensus, nor an effort to reach one, as there was when Johnson promoted his great social reform legislation. The clash was frontal and historic ...

Promises or Acts?

April 3, 2010 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Irena Sendler died in 2008 without being awarded the Nobel when she truly was a woman who had done a difficult and daunting task while risking her life for others.

Guantanamo Prisoner 1030

April 3, 2010 // ABC Journal - Spain - Spanish

The world does not usually pay attention to more than one or two things at a time, and this week it has already had enough with Obama’s health care plan and the tension between the U.S. and Israel, its usual ally. Perhaps this is why another news item, which affects us directly, has passed by unnoticed. Guantanamo [Read more]
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