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For Democrats, Much Ventured, Little Gained

September 2, 2008 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

Barack Obama, who sold himself as the man outside the system, has gone back to playing it safe and has chosen his Senate colleague Joseph Biden as candidate for the vice presidency. It is a decision that makes all the experts and political consultants of Washington happy. But it seems more than questionable that it [Read more]

Georgia and Russia as Electoral Factors

August 21, 2008 // ABC Journal - Spain - Spanish

Barack Obama's campaign has started focusing on the Georgian crisis in the worst way possible. When the Russians attacked Georgia- and South Ossetia is Georgia- McCain hurried to show his support for the Caucasus country assaulted by Moscow. Obama's campaign postponed a bit before reacting. If it was thinking over its [Read more]

Obama's Moment of Truth

August 19, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spain

Obama’s Moment of Truth The vacation is over. The difficult test of Rick Warren, the conservative pastor who on Saturday hosted the two presidential candidates in his California church, demonstrated something that’s becoming the norm in this campaign: it is Barack Obama who has to offer better proof of his [Read more]

Creating Fresh Meat for Al Qaeda at Guantanamo

August 14, 2008 // ABC Periódico Electrónico - Spain - Spanish

Afghanistan is a country with a tribal structure. In the war of 2001, the Pashtun tribes allied with the Taliban without thinking twice. There were neither desertions nor crises of conscience. And then there were tribes that refused to bear arms in exchange for a certain quantity of money. A tribal country… [Read more]

The American Fort in China

August 13, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

ARTICLE: PEKING 2008- THE GREAT POWER The American Fort The American team invests 2 million euros on renting a university Pepo Clavet, who is Tommy Robredo’s trainer, lives in an apartment more than an hour away from the Olympic Village; he has been without a hot water supply during the day and he has had to [Read more]

Obama and the World

August 6, 2008 // El Diario Exterior - Spain - Spanish

Obama enchanted the Europeans. His trip to Berlin was spectacular. If the Europeans voted in the American elections, Obama would win by an immense majority. But after his departure, the debate began. What did he really say? Hollow phrases splendidly structured and very well spoken in his powerful baritone voice. [Read more]

The New Class War

August 5, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

We are faced with a new class war, but it is not like the one between proletarians and bourgeoisie described by Marx and Engels. Now it is between the middle classes of developing countries, and the middle classes of already developed countries, who have a bigger share of the global pie.

He Took Steroids to Ban Trans-fats

July 31, 2008 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish can't deny the irony of Arnold's being the first governor to make 'trans' fats illegal considering the fact that he came to his position thanks to the consumption of another illegal substance - anabolic steroids.
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