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The Democratic Candidates’ Historical Discourse

July 26, 2008 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

On June 26, 1963 a charismatic president of the United States announced in Berlin the phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner”, (I am a Berliner), to request the end of the Soviet blockade imposed on the German capital, in the middle of the Cold War. Forty five years have passed and another charismatic Democratic politician, [Read more]

Drill, Drill, Damn You!

July 20, 2008 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

To drill, or not to drill? This week, President Bush has resolved this dilemma in a predictable manner: by giving the starting signal to the new era of oil exploration along the U.S. coast. As if feeling nostalgic for his life as an oil explorer in Texas, Bush now hopes to squeeze the last drop of black gold in the [Read more]

The Color of Obama

July 20, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

At this stage of the race for the White House, the entire world knows that the issue of race, that is, that Barack Obama is Black, is one of the weightiest factors in his possible election. For those of his color, it is an essential virtue, for the rest, it is also relevant, but with the negative, racist, and [Read more]

Kabul Receives Obama As If He Were Bush

July 19, 2008 // El Semanal Digital - Spain - Spanish

Obama’s trip to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe is his first adventure on the international scene. At the same time it becomes a test for the presidential candidate that promises a new era in diplomacy and the end of military intervention in Iraq

The Obama Doctrine

July 19, 2008 // El País - Spain - Spanish

It’s just like launching a multi-stage rocket into orbit. The latest stage that has ignited is the final one, the one projecting Obama as an international figure, the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful military and the planet’s political leader.

Obama, the Desired, in Europe

July 18, 2008 // Estrella Digital - Spain - Spanish

We want Obama to cleanse the world and, looking at the electorate of his country, dilute the image that he is a little bit foggy on international politics

“Obama Makes Afghanistan the Center of His Strategy”

July 17, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The Democratic candidate maintains the plans to put an end to the deployment in Iraq. “I firmly support my plan to put an end to the war in Iraq,” said the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Barack Obama, yesterday, in order to clear up suspicions about a change in his position and in order [Read more]

Two Words from an Admiral's Mouth Made the Economy Tremble

July 10, 2008 // El Semanal Digital - Spain - Spanish

It took only two simple words pronounced by a four-star American marine to trigger a reaction which, alongside the current crisis, could sink us into the abyss. This week the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen warned that opening a new front in the Middle East by launching arial attacks against Iranian [Read more]
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