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The Third Front: Obama’s Action in Yemen Would Put Zapatero on Spot

January 5, 2010 // El Semanal Digital - Spain - Spanish

Until now, the Obama administration had stopped applying the term “war on terrorism” to its campaign against al-Qaida in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It also made efforts to combine military action with some diplomatic measures. But this approach could change given the fact that there was a near massacre on Christmas Day.

Obama Does Not Engage in Pushover Policy

January 3, 2010 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Obama has not limited his country to being a pushover. Neither will he agree to take measures to improve air security and protection of his country. Obama intends to kill the monster in his den and has already ordered his military force to prepare to attack Al Qaeda’s objectives in Yemen. Here, and probably in [Read more]

If Bankers and Politicians Were Angels

December 30, 2009 // El País - Spain - Spanish

James Madison: 'In designing a government of man over man, the great difficulty rests in this: First you have to train the government to control the governed, and second, you have to obligate it to control itself.'

Modest Victories

December 27, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The only possible victories in the new multi-polar world, with powers that are limited and necessarily negotiable, are of this kind: Victories that are modest, fragile, even temporary...

Afghanistan: Cracks in Obama’s Plan

December 16, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The reasons and objectives of the president of the United States are more realistic than those of his predecessor. However, numerous political, military and regional events make it impossible that the withdrawal from Afghanistan could begin in 2011.

Obama Opts for Tax Cuts to Combat Unemployment

December 11, 2009 // La Razon - Spain - Spanish

For a country like the United States, accustomed to nearly full employment, a 10 percent unemployment rate makes reduction the top political priority. Unemployment is the Obama administration’s true Achilles' heel. In order to stop the bleeding, the president of the United States has launched an employment plan [Read more]
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