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Spain and the U.S. in View of Obama's Arrival

November 25, 2008 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential elections has brought about a renewed interest in Spain for the U.S. As many political leaders of different ideologies and those responsible for foreign policy have already expressed, Obama’s victory could represent an intensification and strengthening of the important ties [Read more]

November 24, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

When I read that Barack Obama conducted a clean and respectful campaign against his rivals, I chose to burst out laughing. In order not to succumb to the explosion of fury that he gave to Sarah Palin, which is never advisable, even though she has every reason for indignation. To call the Republicans stupid, who fell [Read more]

Transition to the White House

November 18, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency was a lesson of greatness in victory. Those who followed Election Day will also remember John McCain’s exemplary gesture to recognize his defeat or to ask loyalty from his followers to the winner. Neither will they forget the outgoing president, George W. Bush, who is [Read more]

California's Referendum

November 11, 2008 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The majority of Californian voters have voted in favor of prohibiting the marriage of homosexuals in their state constitution, which has now joined Florida and Arizona. It is the most homophobic decision that has been seen in the United States in recent times. To constitutionalize a restriction of rights is very [Read more]

Let Loose

November 10, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

“If McCain wins, you won’t believe how many hours I’m going to cry,” shuddered Penelope Cruz, days before the American election. So ridiculous, so foolish, but so harmless in comparison with what came afterwards. Because now all these actors, writers and artists from the extreme left have been let loose. “[It's] [Read more]

The False Feminism of Sarah Palin

November 10, 2008 // El Comercio Digital - Spain - Spanish

Apparently, fashion is even capable of generating trends in campaigns. Marketing has been presented as the revealed truth, the Orwellian eye that sees everything and the hand that guides towards the achievement of the goal. All this while even the goal is false or, in an euphemistic way, misses the truth. [Read more]

Welcome Mister Obama

November 9, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Thanks to globalization and the Internet, the “cambio que necesitamos”—the change we need—and the “sí, se puede”—yes, we can—have become contagious throughout the planet in a way that borders on idolatry.

Before and After

November 5, 2008 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The year 2008 will pass into North America’s – and, to the extent it belongs, the world’s – political history as one of before and after, as the end of one era and the beginning of another. Electoral campaigns will no longer be organized in the same manner, nor will they be financed as they have been until now; [Read more]

The Bush Revolution is Over

October 27, 2008 // ABC Journal - Spain - Spanish

Relationships between father and son have always been complicated, especially when the parental figure threatens to outshine his offspring. Sometimes the child's anxiety to maintain a right to his own identity can drive him to strange extremes. You don't need an accelerated course in psychoanalysis in Buenos Aires to [Read more]

Obama Sweeps the Latino Vote

October 26, 2008 // El Universal - Spain - Spanish

In January when John McCain surged ahead due to his victory in the Florida primaries to become the likely presidential candidate of the Republican Party, very few doubted that Latino voters would help him enter the White House. Today the roles have taken a radical turn, like in the results of polling that predict [Read more]
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