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Posh Progress

October 22, 2008 // ABC Journal - Spain - Spanish

Posh Progress The difference between the United States and Spain is that the majority of American society leans to the right while our society is mainly leftist. For what the Democratic Party and the Popular Party (PP) gain when their adversaries lose. And it is does not matter what the elite intellectual journalist [Read more]

U.S. Could Have Most Spanish Speakers by 2050

October 20, 2008 // El Diario Exterior - Spain - Spanish

The wave of the Spanish language and the arrival of Latinos has been unstoppable in all corners of the first world power. This trend is to the point that now, there are 45 million speakers included in the United States census, a number that exceeds the amount in Spain. In 40 years, that figure could triple. [Read more]

Bush and North Korea

October 18, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The communist North Korean regime is a master in the art of political blackmail. Its condition of personal and unforeseeable redoubt, extremely dangerous both inside and out, allows it to successfully exploit international fear concerning its development of nuclear weapons. North Korea never hesitated to show its [Read more]

Jefferson's Slave

October 17, 2008 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Before becoming governor of Virginia and the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed the inalienable right of men to liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. This enthusiastic proclamation of principles, however, did not prevent the optimistic Jefferson from being an owner of more than [Read more]

The Oldest Voter GivesHer Vote to Obama

October 14, 2008 // 20minutos - Spain - Spanish

Her name is Cecilia and she’s a 106-year-old nun who lives in a convent in Rome. Twenty days before the United States presidential election, Sister Cecilia has become, safely kept, one of the oldest admirers of the candidate Barack Obama. This religious woman, born in New Hampshire on March 25th, 1902, is still [Read more]


October 13, 2008 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Washington-Delhi The United States must ensure that its nuclear pact with India is not for military purposes The nuclear pact with India reached by the American Senate last Wednesday puts an end to a twofold wait; this legal instrument now only misses a signature by President Bush. First, the agreement ends three [Read more]

We Need Obama

October 9, 2008 // ABC Journal - Spain - Spanish

The Democrats should win in the United States because they will lower the anti-Americanism of the Spanish left. This is the only reason that Obama's victory is worth the trouble. It would be a relief. At least for a little while we would stop hearing nonsense about the Empire, about Israel as a launching point in the [Read more]
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