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State sponsors of terrorism

Cuba-US: And Now What?

June 16, 2015 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

It’s a fair question, because after two years of dialogue — secret up until Dec. 17, and public from then on — there have been very favorable developments, if we compare them to the state of mutual hostility that colored relations between the two countries from January 1959 until that day last December. Just [Read more]

A Step Closer

April 27, 2015 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

Following last week’s historic meeting between Barack Obama and Raúl Castro at the Summit of the Americas, Obama made public his request that Cuba be taken off the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Terrorism: Obama Removes Cuba from America’s Black List

April 1, 2015 // L'Express - France - French

The warming of relations between Cuba and the United States is taking shape. Barack Obama wishes to remove Cuba from the black list of state sponsors of terrorism. This could lead to the reopening of embassies in the two countries. On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama accepted removing Cuba from America’s black [Read more]