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Stephen Bannon

Sacrificed for Survival

January 11, 2018 // Der Spiegel - Germany

The message is clear – whoever wants to overshadow the boss, whoever blabs to the press without authorization, whoever criticizes the Trump family like Bannon did, will be mercilessly seen off.

Bannon’s Billionaire

November 25, 2017 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

The 71-year-old CEO of Renaissance Capital, a large, secretive U.S. hedge fund, has become one of the most important names in politics.

Target: Trump

September 6, 2017 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

What is certain is that the president should not underestimate the potential danger that his former adviser represents.

Who Will Stop Donald Trump?

August 29, 2017 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

To make matters worse, his reputation as an impulsive, angry president, unpredictable and devoid of all moral authority, sticks to his skin like a too-small Halloween costume.

America’s Disgrace

August 18, 2017 // Wiener Zeitung - Austria - German

In Trump’s America, members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists of the 'alt-right' movement march openly.

Trump Against the Media: The Beginning of War

March 4, 2017 // Aktualnye Kommentarii - Russia - Russian

<i>The inauguration of President Trump was marked by the beginning of a new stage of open opposition between the White House and the media. Now, American citizens and people from all over the world are watching a live broadcast of the new reality show, “Media against the President,” on a daily basis. This struggle [Read more]
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