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Supreme Court

Are the Days Numbered for the Death Penalty in the US?

June 19, 2015 // El País - Spain - Spanish

On Jan. 24, the Supreme Court of the United States declared admissible a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of lethal injection as a method for carrying out the death penalty. This country is the only Western democracy that still has capital punishment. It is true that currently, 17 U.S. states have abolished [Read more]

The Great Rejection

May 3, 2015 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

The presidential campaign in the U.S. is inevitably doomed to turn into a discussion about recognizing or not recognizing same-sex marriages as a constitutional norm. The first shot was fired by Hillary Clinton, who urged the Supreme Court to recognize these marriages as a constitutional norm for all states. Such a [Read more]

Negating History

December 23, 2014 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

The many forms of protest that arose day after day after police officers killed black citizens remind us, rather than reveal, that in the United States you have a right to be racist. The civil rights from the '60s? They have been reduced to an accident of history. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a sociologist who specializes [Read more]
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