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Trump and Xi are Playing to the Home Crowd

April 19, 2017 // Dagens Nyheter - Sweden - Swedish

Choosing a winner is not easy when the fact-resistant Twitter-fan without impulse control meets the leader of the world’s biggest communist dictatorship. It is still fundamentally important that the presidents of the U.S. and China meet. The two countries must have a relationship. However, no one should expect that [Read more]

Trump Contagion

February 28, 2017 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

It is as if a kind of contagion is spreading from one country to another, challenging the pillars that have long made up the greatness of the Western democratic system.

Trump Revealed an Unknown Side – the Humble

November 15, 2016 // Expressen - Sweden - Swedish

Donald Trump offered a side to his personality that we have not seen often as he sat next to Barack Obama in the White House: Donald the Humble. It was as if the seriousness in what Trump had just managed to do started to sink in. Of course, there is plenty for Donald Trump to be humble about. There are not many [Read more]
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