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Shattered Dreams

March 25, 2008 // Syria Times - Syria

For the past seven years, President Bush never stopped talking about his vision of a viable Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. Nevertheless, the ambitious vision, projected on the ground as the Road Map, has not found way to implementation although three years have passed after the 2005 deadline.

America’s Predicament

March 25, 2008 // Thawra - Syria - Arabic

With the five year anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq and the sixth consecutive year of occupation, countless questions arise – did the invasion fail or did the occupying forces achieve their aims? The answer, revealed on a daily basis by American polls, is failure. These same polls also reveal the [Read more]

McCain and the Duties of Obedience

March 22, 2008 // Al Thawra - Syria - Arabic

The statements of presidential nominee John McCain before and during his visit to Israel, in which he supported military operations against the Gaza Strip and for Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital, show that his visit to the region aims to win the friendship of Israeli and its effective American lobby as well as to [Read more]

The Accomplice

March 15, 2008 // Syria Times - Syria

Past and present tragic events in the troubled region have shown that the US Administration of George W. Bush was behind plots concocted against the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

The Zionist Bush Administration

November 27, 2007 // Al Thawra - Syria - Arabic

Stanley Cohen, the Jewish American lawyer, asks this question through an Arab satellite channel: “Why are some parties and people in the region (Editor’s note: Middle East) hurrying to celebrate and marvel to whatever ideas and invitations the US administration throws, without any reasoning and awareness to the [Read more]

Pelosi Attempts to Return Balance to American Policy

April 7, 2007 // Syria News - Syria - Arabic

Despite the objections voiced by the administration of George W. Bush, the visit to Damascus of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - the third most powerful figure in the United States - is of particular importance. By carrying out this visit, Mrs. Pelosi confirms the existence of a desire to restore balance to American [Read more]
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