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The World As America Perceives It

July 26, 2011 // Thawra al-Wehda - Syria - Arabic

The U.S. tries to innovate and to compensate for its failures by finding new methods and disguising those failures under labels that have become known to all — freedom and democracy.

Bankrupt … but

July 18, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

The crazy actions that the United States has taken against Syria are not considered friendly, yet it is unsurprising today that the Americans and Europeans have arrived at this depth of decadence. The scene of this new farce — upon which the West had dropped the curtain since Ambassador Ford made every effort to [Read more]

What America Wants, Our People Do Not Want

July 10, 2011 // Thawra al-Wehda - Syria - Arabic

It seems that the officials in the White House and the U.S. Department of State do not comprehend what they are truly advocating when they say that America wants what Syria wants. Regardless of the actual content of what America wants, every Syrian Arab citizen — indeed, all free and honorable Arabs — automatically [Read more]

An Ironclad Commitment

May 31, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

In statements delivered to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, American presidents, including Barack Obama, have sought to simultaneously promote U.S. interests while appeasing the Jewish lobby. Reagan and Bush, as well as Carter and Clinton, all pledged to ensure the security of Israel and preserve its [Read more]

Targeting Syria

May 16, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

Whoever observes U.S. policy in this area finds that they only engage in robbery, and that they are not interested — as their headlines claim — in the issues of freedom, reform and human rights.

Peace and Its Opposite

April 19, 2011 // Al Thawra - Syria - Arabic

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that President Barack Obama will make a new attempt to push the peace process during the coming weeks. And the questions that cast a shadow over this new effort are: What foundations will it be based on? And how will it differ from the American efforts that faded into [Read more]

Libya's Painful Choices

April 16, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

The continued activities of NATO in the skies over Libya and the establishment of the no-fly zone based on the U.N. Security Council resolution makes obvious that Libya is subject to international scrutiny, in terms of the apparent slowdown of NATO strikes against the forces of Gadhafi, and in the lack of coordination [Read more]

The U.S. Plot against Syria

April 13, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

The significant distortions of the Western media, all of their tricks and lies, cannot hide the flood of popular support for President Bashar al-Assad.

The Game of Interests

April 10, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

The democratic game that the U.S. and the West in general impose on the Ivory Coast to justify the brusque intervention in the internal affairs of this African country is a dirty, power-sharing game. France used to have the upper hand economically, militarily and culturally when it was occupying the Ivory Coast. Now [Read more]
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