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The Accomplice

March 15, 2008 // Syria Times - Syria

Past and present tragic events in the troubled region have shown that the US Administration of George W. Bush was behind plots concocted against the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

The Zionist Bush Administration

November 27, 2007 // Al Thawra - Syria - Arabic

Stanley Cohen, the Jewish American lawyer, asks this question through an Arab satellite channel: “Why are some parties and people in the region (Editor’s note: Middle East) hurrying to celebrate and marvel to whatever ideas and invitations the US administration throws, without any reasoning and awareness to the [Read more]

Pelosi Attempts to Return Balance to American Policy

April 7, 2007 // Syria News - Syria - Arabic

Despite the objections voiced by the administration of George W. Bush, the visit to Damascus of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - the third most powerful figure in the United States - is of particular importance. By carrying out this visit, Mrs. Pelosi confirms the existence of a desire to restore balance to American [Read more]

Deaths of Iraqi Scientists Part of U.S. Battle Plan

February 18, 2007 // Al-Wehda - Syria - Arabic

Since time immemorial, Iraq has been home to scientists and the quest for knowledge. The thing that makes the country of the two rivers such a natural gathering place for geographers, historians, authors and scientists is its fertile valleys, food and a civilization that dates back to 7000 years BC. It is a country [Read more]

Syrians Stop 'Brazen Attack' on American Embassy

September 13, 2006 // Kuwait Times - Syria - English

DAMASCUS: Suspected al-Qaeda-linked militants tried to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Damascus yesterday. The assailants attempted to storm the compound with automatic weapons and hand grenades, but in a fierce gun battle against Syrian guards, they were repulsed outside the walls. The brazen, midmorning attack came amid [Read more]

America's 'Destiny' of Invasion and Expansionism

March 2, 2006 // Al-Wahda - Syria - Arabic

In 1846, an American senator said the following: "America's destiny is invasion and expansion; it is like the staff of Moses, which turned into a snake and swallowed all the Pharaoh's snakes. Give her time, and you will find her swallowing areas as large as the European kingdoms every few years. This will be the rate [Read more]

Unfair U.S. Pressure on Syria Requires Arab Solidarity

October 18, 2005 // Syria Times - Syria - English

Lebanese clergyman Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has strongly criticized the American accusation campaign against Syria. He stressed that the United States is persuing its own regional interests by using Lebanon against Syria. ‏ In a symposium for Ramadan held Monday, Fadlallah said that the accusations were all part [Read more]
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