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Prevalence of Obesityin U.S. at 27.4%

September 27, 2008 // NOWnews - Taiwan - Chinese

U.S. population of obesity is increasing year by year. According to a recently released survey, obese Americans make up 27.4 % of the total population of the U.S. That's equivalent to 82 million people. The ratio is higher than 26.7 % in 2007. It also means that more Americans have become overweight or obese. The [Read more]

U.S. Misery Index on the Rise

September 15, 2008 // China Times - Taiwan - Chinese

Almost thirty years ago, while President Jimmy Carter confronted the economic recession and rising inflation, the term misery index began to gain public attention. Now, as the presidential election is just around the corner, this almost-forgotten index has become a focal point of topic.

9/11 and the Mystical Connection to 11

September 5, 2008 // NOWnews - Taiwan - Chinese

In 2001, the September11 terrorist attack in the U.S. was one of the world’s most catastrophic disasters in recent history. The sum of three figures – 9, 1, and 1 - is 11. Coincidently, there are many things associated with the figure “11” in the 9/11 Incident. This adds a more mystical atmosphere to the whole [Read more]
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