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Reflecting on Bush’s Record: Really Meritless?

January 29, 2009 // United Daily News - Taiwan - Chinese

America's President Bush will soon leave office, with most holding him to be the nation's worst president ... Upon careful consideration of the actions of his last eight years, it seems that perhaps history will shed new light on his presidency.

America Is Ready to Lead Again

January 26, 2009 // The China Post - Taiwan

The inauguration of Obama, hopefully, would mark the beginning of America's return to greatness by following the true spirits of the Founders and the Constitution.

Obama’s Middle East Strategy: Containment

January 18, 2009 // United Daily News - Taiwan - Chinese

Barack Obama’s Middle East policy is likely to change. Since this wave of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Obama has been silence because he has not yet assumed his post, and that it is not appropriate for him to meddle into the incumbent presidential affairs. Nevertheless, there are indications to show that the [Read more]

Google Cuts Its Contractor Workforce

November 30, 2008 // - Taiwan - Mandarin

Google spokesperson acknowledged that the company is widely reducing its contractor positions, but it has no official plan for layoffs. In an interview with Bloomberg, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google said that while facing the current economic downturn, the company has not stopped its plan of recruiting new employees [Read more]

November 27, 2008 // China Times - Taiwan - Chinese

The heavy metal band Guns N’ Roses recently released their new album “Chinese Democracy," which criticizes the Chinese democratic system. Although it is not expected to be allowed to be released in mainland China, it was still mentioned and criticized by the mainland Chinese media. The Global Times, overseen by [Read more]
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