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New Chapter Emerging as East Meets West Again

August 4, 2019 // The Phnom Penh Post - Cambodia - English

Liberal democracy had triumphed. Mankind had reached the final stage of socio-political evolution, with political and economic liberalism as the ultimate system for governing modern societies. That triumphalist view, however, is now dead. Globalisation is in retreat. Nationalism, populism, nativism and religious [Read more]

In Trump’s Clutches

June 18, 2019 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

[E]ven if impeachment proceedings were to be initiated, it must be made clear that the Trump administration has decided to use tariffs as a political weapon.

The US Economy Roars, but Will It Save Trump?

August 15, 2018 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

All things considered though, the economy is still the biggest arrow in the Trump quiver. If he can keep the issue front and centre, which isn’t easy, given the daily disruptions, the roaring economy will serve him well.
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