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Liberal Intolerance

September 22, 2018 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

To believe that silencing types like Bannon will help prevent hate from spreading ever increasingly to other citizens is to have learned nothing from Trump’s victory.

The Law of America

June 17, 2015 // Les Échos - France - French

Barack Obama no longer wants to play the world's policeman, preferring to keep foreign policy in line with his 'light footprint' doctrine. However, we shouldn't interpret this strategic repositioning as backing down.

Gun Deaths and the American Paradox

January 23, 2015 // Les Échos - France - French

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths caused by car accidents in the United States has been in steep decline for years. On the other hand, the number of fatalities caused by guns – the huge majority of which are suicides, accidents and domestic violence [incidents] – [Read more]