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Underestimating Trump’s Long Game Is A Huge Mistake

September 13, 2019 // Daily Sabah - Turkey - English

US. President Donald Trump was made fun of, humiliated or despised even before he was elected. Today, however, it has become a common trend in analyses and interpretations about him. Much can be said of his active use of Twitter or his frequent viewing of Fox News and his failure to be a successful orator and the like. [Read more]

US Energy Diplomacy in the Gulf Region

September 1, 2019 // Daily Sabah - Turkey - English

Energy always plays an important role in U.S. foreign policy. By following a policy of energy security at home and in the American hemisphere, President Donald Trump's administration can increase opportunities for itself aboard. One of the Trump administration's goals from renewed sanctions against the Iran energy [Read more]

Countering Trump’s Initiative on Kashmir

August 30, 2019 // Hindustan Times - India - English

It has taken one month for United States President Donald Trump to go from claiming Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate on Kashmir to declaring it was a matter best left for India and Pakistan to resolve on their own. New Delhi can pat itself for beating off yet another unwanted diplomatic advance, [Read more]
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