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No More Trump

January 11, 2019 // El País - Spain - Spanish

There has to be an alternative to the current political discourse of fear, hate and xenophobia.

Trump, the Election and Mexico

November 15, 2018 // - Mexico - Spanish

[W]hat happened on Tuesday was in fact a defeat for Trump. But it is also true that it complicates Mexico’s bilateral agenda with the United States.

Much More Than an Emerging Crisis

August 22, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>Donald Trump’s offensive against the Turkish strongman is particularly incomprehensible and dangerous</i> It seems to be unavoidable that every summer brings its own unique crisis. This year, it’s the collapse of the Turkish lira, which came as the result of a growing confrontation between the presidents of [Read more]

In Trump’s Face

July 23, 2018 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

If they think that this is how they’re going to oust Donald Trump from power, they’re in trouble.

The NAFTA World Cup

June 22, 2018 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

One of these days we will end up thanking FIFA for the renegotiation and signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement. One of these days. While the commercial relationship in North America is now floundering, in the future this joint regional path will strengthen far beyond the whims of a president. What [Read more]
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