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In the End, It’s Vote Clinton, Stop Trump!

March 10, 2016 // Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria - German

This is America's craziest election year. Donald Trump is still forging ahead. Hillary Clinton recognizes he is her main opponent. Nearly everything Donald Trump has said so far in this election campaign is simply alarming. No sensible person can imagine this will-o'-the-wisp pseudo politician in all seriousness as [Read more]

The Laws of Reality TV Make Trump So Dangerous

March 10, 2016 // Die Welt - Germany - German

For a long time, the educated observed the Republican presidential candidate from an ironic distance and belittled him. Now, too late, they realize how serious things are getting. The signs are slowly getting stronger that Donald Trump is being recognized as what he really is: a political risk that has to be taken [Read more]

A Warning with Disheveled Hair

March 9, 2016 // Gândul - Romania - Romanian

Donald Trump won seven of the 11 states where the Republican Party held elections yesterday for the naming of their candidate for the presidency. The so-called Super Tuesday was a good day for the rich politician who has annoyed, scared and shocked the American establishment. Trump passed any bad luck on to his [Read more]

Who Can Stop Donald Trump?

February 26, 2016 // Adevarul - Romania - Romanian

Donald Trump’s resounding victory in the South Carolina primary is a wake-up call that the traditional wing of the Republican Party can no longer ignore. If the Republicans don’t manage to form a coalition around Cruz or Rubio — the only ones who have a chance at stopping Trump’s ascent to the White House — [Read more]

The US Primaries after New Hampshire

February 19, 2016 // Analítica - Venezuela - Spanish

The results of the primaries in New Hampshire show a dangerous trend in the American electorate toward distinct facets of populism. On one side, in the Republican Party, Donald Trump continues to advance toward a possible nomination for the presidency in the November election. Until now, it has been a grind for the [Read more]

How To Defeat Trump

February 3, 2016 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

At this point, there are still 10 Republican candidates. At least seven of them have no chance of winning the nomination. Their presence benefits the leading, racist candidate because it reduces the chances of exposing — for instance, in debates — Trump's ignorance.

The Precursors to Trump’s Proposal Against Muslims

December 23, 2015 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Up until the mid-1900s, the U.S. had laws in place that prevented immigrants from entering the country. U.S. history cannot be understood without considering the legacy of immigration. It was founded by the first British colonists who arrived on what is now the East Coast of the U.S. at the beginning of the 17th [Read more]
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