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Biden Scolds Turkey for Repression

January 28, 2016 // Neue Zuercher Zeitung - Switzerland - German

America’s vice president took a stance one day before a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan. Furthermore, Washington demanded that Ankara take a more active approach against the Islamic State.

Why Is America Considered a Land of Opportunities?

January 4, 2016 // Cihan (Arabic Edition) - Turkey - Arabic

I arrived in Texas, a large state in America, two months ago as a consultant for a company based in Istanbul. Before this, I lived in Boston for close to two years while studying for a Master’s [degree] in financial management. I would love to tell you about America in order to acquaint oppressed Turkish citizens [Read more]

Who Benefits from Shooting Down a Russian Plane?

December 8, 2015 // Ekho Moskvy - Russia - Russian

Now that the initial reactions to our formal counterterrorism ally shooting down our plane have settled down, we can think about why Turkey did this. First of all, it is necessary to understand that Turkey is not an Islamic country. Yes, Erdogan periodically uses this beautiful phrase about "minarets our bayonets," [Read more]

Ankara’s ‘Provocation’

December 1, 2015 // Kathimerini - Greece - Greek

The downing of the Russian airplane by Turkish fighter jets was not an incident that came about through chance, but because [Russian] pilots violated Turkey's aerial space and did not leave despite the warnings. All the evidence and all the indications lead to the conclusion that this was an extreme, provocative act by [Read more]
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