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U.S. Increasing Attention to Asia

November 12, 2009 // Turkish Weekly - Turkey

With Beijing’s growing military and economic influence in the region, Washington sees itself in a strategically disadvantaged position by not paying close attention to Asia.

The Fort Hood Shooting And The Role Of Muslim Clerics

November 10, 2009 // Hurriyet - Turkey

Consequently, the same American leaders should come to the conclusion that, even if the reasons behind invading Afghanistan sounded right at the time, after eight years, amid new technology and a rapidly changing world, fighting with extreme factions chest-to-chest in other countries does not cut it. It neither brings security to the homeland nor marginalizes extremist ideas.

America Considers Turkey for Missile Defense

September 5, 2009 // Radikal - Turkey - Turkish

The Polish newspaper "Wyborcza" claimed that the U.S. government gave up establishing a rocket shield system in Poland and the Czech Republic. It also claimed that Turkey and Israel were being considered instead of these two countries. According to the newspaper, a proponent for the rocket shield, Riki Ellison, [Read more]
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