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The Week In Review

May 6, 2009 // Hurriyet - Turkey - Turkish

The week at a glance Swine flu is still in the headlines in New York. You can sense the panic among people. Since the flu has originated in Mexico, America’s neighbor to the south, some “geniuses” are wondering if all infected Mexicans sneeze at the same time on a windy day, will all Texans get the swine flu? [Read more]

Welcome Obama

April 14, 2009 // Milliyet - Turkey - Turkish

It doesn’t take much to see that Turkey is in the priorities list of the new US administration, if the president is making his first overseas visit to Turkey, of all the other countries. There is no doubt about that. The Obama administration doesn’t want to lose Turkey. It is trying to extend and improve their [Read more]

The Starfish Would Tell You The Difference

March 25, 2009 // Hurriyet - Turkey - Turkish

We are having lunch with a few friends at the UN cafeteria. While I am trying to satisfy my hunger with a bowl of healthy-looking salad, one of my friends says “Americans are strange. Just like the poor, the rich is also troubled by the financial crisis, but there is solidarity.” What solidarity is he talking [Read more]
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