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Bush's Preference for Kurds 'Dooms' U.S.-Turkish Relations

March 29, 2007 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

There is every indication that we are entering a critical period in Turkey's outlook toward Iraq and more specifically regarding the presence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK ) there. The effects of the recent heinous bombing attack on Ankara and the deaths of six Turkish soldiers due to PKK terrorist acts in the [Read more]

Lessons on 'Freedom' from Spartan Babykillers

March 23, 2007 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

If it's crucial for a movie to have blood splattered at angles that defy physics, exaggerate the arm and abdomen muscles of its characters in shocking fashion, give Spartan King Leonidas a strange haircut and Persian King Xerxes a glamorous look thanks to piercings and a bangle, then yes, 300 deserves a "bravo" for [Read more]

Christian Zionists Target Turkey Before Iran

September 17, 2006 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

ISTANBUL: Where does Iran stand in the Anglo-Saxon-Israeli alliance's plans and offensives against the Muslim world? Conflicting comments are being made. But almost all commentators agree that Iran has greatly benefited from the policies this alliance has pursued since the notorious September 11 events. These would [Read more]

Forget Tehran, Bomb The New York Times!

July 7, 2006 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

Yet another Hulla Baloo on the other side of the Atlantic. The Bush Administration is at loggerheads with The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times! The two influential U.S. newspapers disclosed that the government has examined banking transactions involving thousands of Americans after 9/11 and suddenly they are [Read more]

Iran's Ayatollah Khameni Visits Iran's Fighting Men

April 13, 2006 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

The United States, which failed to accomplish its stated goals in Iraq and for this reason is facing problems both domestically and internationally, has now come face to face with Iran. As a matter of fact, Iran's situation is utterly different from that of Iraq. The U.S. which acted alone on the Iraq issue, now enjoys [Read more]

One Terror-Fighting Hand Must Wash the Other …

February 7, 2006 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

In Turkey and the United States, fighting terrorism deeply influences both foreign and domestic policy and has become a fundamental variable in our bilateral relations. The qualification of an incident as a terrorist act or its perpetrators as terrorists determines friendly or antagonistic relations at the [Read more]
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