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The US Is Facing Permanent War

September 14, 2014 // Deutsche Welle - Germany

Will Washington be forced to send combat troops after all? President Obama will probably not have to make that decision - but the next president will. And maybe the president after that too.

Syria: Obama Dismisses Imminent Attacks

September 11, 2014 // Le Point - France - French

<i>The American president admitted on Thursday that the United States does not yet have a strategy for attacking the Islamic State in Syria.</i> “We don’t have a strategy yet”: Barack Obama directly admitted on Thursday that the United States was not in a position to attack the Islamic State in Syria, [Read more]

Oliver Stone Tears Apart Official US History

September 10, 2014 // Público - Spain - Spanish

The remarkable "The Forging of a Rebel,"* directed by Mario Camus, was rescreened on Televisión Española’s Channel 2 (La 2), as if by stealth, in the middle of August. The series, filmed in 1989 under the PSOE,** was based on an autobiographical trilogy by Arturo Barea, which was banned from publication for the [Read more]
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