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Cowboy’s Raid on Iran

February 28, 2012 // Segodnya - Ukraine - Russian

<i>Why does Washington seek to control Tehran, and is America’s new main enemy really so scary?</i> With persistence worthy of a better cause, drunk on either whiskey or his own successes, the American cowboy roams the world, waving around his "justice." He got up in the morning, put a hamburger in his mouth, boots [Read more]

State of New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage

June 29, 2011 // Velyka Ukrayina - Ukraine - Russian

The state of New York became the sixth state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the amendments unanimously approved by the State Senate earlier, reported the site Channel 24. A month before the law will come into force, the state is expecting a real invasion of same-sex marriages. [Read more]

U.S. Official Notes “Some” Rights Progress in Turkmenistan

June 18, 2010 // Brama Ukraine News - Ukraine

The United States recognized that Turkmenistan has made some progress in areas such as the registration of the Catholic Church, and the new amendments to the criminal code that provide, for instance, for new penalties against those who engage in trafficking in persons.
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