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US-China relations

Benign China-US Interaction a Positive Trend

September 25, 2019 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

The United States recently published three lists of goods from China involving a total of 437 items on which it will lift tariffs. This is the largest case of the United States removing tariffs to date and is widely regarded as a positive gesture from Washington. Second-tier China-U.S. economic and trade [Read more]

US-China Trade War: Implications and Ramifications

September 18, 2019 // Times of Oman - Oman - English

The imposition of new tariffs on Chinese goods by the United States serves as an important reminder of the ongoing US-China trade war. There are increasing concerns about the fate of this war that will have a defining impact on the United States’ enormous trade deficit and the stunted growth of the Chinese economy, [Read more]

Underestimating Trump’s Long Game Is A Huge Mistake

September 13, 2019 // Daily Sabah - Turkey - English

US. President Donald Trump was made fun of, humiliated or despised even before he was elected. Today, however, it has become a common trend in analyses and interpretations about him. Much can be said of his active use of Twitter or his frequent viewing of Fox News and his failure to be a successful orator and the like. [Read more]

Time for Sincerity from US in Trade Talks with China

August 1, 2019 // Global Times - China - English

The China-US high-level trade consultations resumed Tuesday in Shanghai after about three months, which is a positive step taken by the trade negotiation teams of both countries to implement the consensus reached by the two-state leaders at the Osaka summit. However, On Tuesday evening Beijing time, the US side made [Read more]

China and US Begin To Untangle Trade Deadlock

August 1, 2019 // Global Times - China - English

The 12th round of China-US high-level trade consultations ended in Shanghai Wednesday. According to the Chinese side, the two countries conducted "candid, efficient, constructive and in-depth" exchanges. They also discussed the increase in purchases of US farm products based on China's domestic demand, and the US [Read more]
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