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US-China relations

Pompeo’s Stain Slur Sticks to the US

July 22, 2019 // China Daily - China - English

In an international conference on religious freedom he hosted in Washington from Tuesday to Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again showed how freely his tongue can wag in an effort to portray the United States as a beacon of freedom in a world that he painted as pitch-black. Alleging that "83 per cent of [Read more]

Threats of a Coup

July 14, 2019 // Malaya Business Insight - Philippines - English

The threat of coup d’etat from the military and organized critics of the president has been with us since the time of President Cory Aquino. This was unknown and not present during the terms of all presidents before Ferdinand Marcos. The reason for this unlikely situation is that EDSA One, the putsch that [Read more]

Inevitable Disagreement

May 3, 2019 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

For China, however, it is a simple observation of "shi,” the ancestral belief in revision of a course of action when opportunities appear.
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