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The Intemperances of Mr. Trump

June 18, 2018 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

The team in the White House is well aware that any increase in tariffs serves as much to reduce U.S. trade with the rest of the world as it does to penalize the American consumer.

The US Economy and Trump’s Mark

August 4, 2017 // Al Hayat - Pan Arab - Arabic

While it may be that Trump's positions may not have a major effect on trade or economic relations as a whole, they have to be generating concern on the part of many working in trade, investment and financial or money markets.

Waiting for The ‘Trump Effect’

January 7, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The future, including the economic future, tends to largely resemble the present. Economic projections are made as if they are preludes of fabulous changes, but most of them, if not all, are simple extrapolations of what is already known today. Real, significant economic or political changes are unpredictable; in fact, [Read more]
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