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US foreign policy

Not a Hegemony

April 17, 2018 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

The United States tried to appear before the world as a global power, restoring its hegemony in the world. However, it turned out differently.

Federal Marshal Trump

December 30, 2017 // Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

The security strategy signals a return to an era of great-power rivalry, a vacation from which, having lasted three decades, has come to an end.

Foreign Intervention … Recipe for Suicide!

October 7, 2017 // Alghad - Jordan - Arabic

The label for recent military interventions in some Arab countries — the majority of which are American-led — was “Regime Change.” Some world leaders who advocate humanitarian and democratic principles sympathize with oppressed Arab people, so they come to their rescue and rid them of their oppressive leaders, [Read more]
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