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US-Israel relations

Trump’s Embassy Move a Serious Mideast Misstep

January 24, 2017 // The Globe and Mail - Canada - English

The proposed move of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is the result of calculations made by the remarkably ill-informed group surrounding him. This team lacks any serious knowledge or understanding of the Middle East.

Shot Across the Bow

January 12, 2017 // Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany - German

<i> The Netanyahu government expects the U.S. to block unpleasant resolutions. The current Netanyahu reaction is all the more shrill.</i> The United Nations resolution against Israeli expansion of settlements is a bombshell of international diplomacy. The shrill reactions from Jerusalem bear witness to the fact that [Read more]

Trump and the Middle East

December 31, 2016 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Trump will inherit an explosive situation in the Middle East that has been provoked, among other reasons, by the erratic foreign policy of his predecessor.
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