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US-Israel relations

Some Warmth in Washington

November 15, 2015 // La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland - French

Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu were as warm as they could be with each other yesterday in Washington. The American president and the Israeli prime minister were looking for even the smallest of common denominators after months of tension over the nuclear agreement with Iran and the situation in the Middle East. [Read more]

Catastrophe for Obama

March 27, 2015 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

The U.S. president could soon appeal to the U.N. in order to achieve endorsement on his two-state policy, much to Israel’s displeasure.

Netanyahu’s Grand Maneuver

March 25, 2015 // L'Expression - Algeria - French

Several thousands of Jewish and Arab Israeli women assembled yesterday before the Knesset (Parliament) to demand that the next administration, designated by elections to be held on March 17, prioritize the completion of a peace agreement with the Palestinian authority. This protest took place under the pouring rain, [Read more]

How Benjamin Netanyahu Has Defied Barack Obama

March 6, 2015 // Le Point - France - French

<i>The visit of the Israeli prime minister to the United States, which goes against all rules of protocol, has angered the Democratic camp and strained relations between the two countries.</i> John Kerry has tried to calm the situation. On the eve of Benjamin Netanyahu’s highly controversial visit to Washington, [Read more]
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