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US-Russian relations

President Obama’s Russia Fetish

September 28, 2016 // Life News - Russia - Russian

In the last years of his presidency, Barack Obama has clearly displayed an unhealthy obsession with Russia. Any speech that has even a little bit to do with international relations without fail includes a reference to Russia, Moscow and Putin. During his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, the U.S. president [Read more]

The Trusting Part of America

September 7, 2016 // Komsomolskaya Pravda - Russia - Russian

If the dialogue between our countries were entrusted to such people with a similar level of trust toward their neighbor, it would be altogether different.

Trump Activated

August 23, 2016 // Vedomosti - Russia - Russian

Trump covers his tracks well and shakes off the bits of actual political reality that sometimes find their way into his words by chance.

The Case

April 26, 2016 // Rossiskaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

Relations between the United States and Russia this year can hardly be called “friendly,” or even “neutral.”

Warmer Relations with Russia Will Backfire on the U.S.

August 31, 2015 // The Globe and Mail - Canada - English

It is not clear why the Americans believe they can maintain sanctions and other actions to express their concern regarding Russian activities in Crimea, but that they can ignore increased Russian military action in the Arctic and attempt a reconciliation regarding the region.
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