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The Statue’s Fault

July 8, 2020 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

What is the obsession with Christopher Columbus these days? ... [H]e belonged to a different, much crueler civilization than ours.

It’s Not a Case of White or Black

June 16, 2020 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

[I]f a community that represents 12% of the population commits more than 50% of the homicides, it must be suspected that the established societal model prevents this group of people from harmoniously integrating themselves with fellow citizens.

Motives Behind US Blame Game Are Clear

May 11, 2020 // China Daily - China

This is not surprising because the U.S. government has been busy with organizing a regime change in Iran and Venezuela and focused on blaming China for the pandemic. Instead of focusing on fighting and containing the virus from spreading and killing people.
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