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Nonviolence and Peace

January 30, 2019 // Listín Diario - Dominican Republic - Spanish

When a person is violent, they are closer to the caves and fires of our ancestors and further from the future.

Cinema and Reality

January 6, 2016 // El Nuevo Diario - Nicaragua - Spanish

One characteristic of American cinema is the level of violence, death and destruction in a good part of its filmography. It almost has a monopoly on the genre, beginning with Westerns and their unending killing of Native Americans. The gangster movies of the 1930s and 1940s created the genre. Directors like Sam [Read more]

More Clarity, More Friendship

November 14, 2015 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

It’s not very often the U.S. ambassador meets for three hours with the [Dominican] Republic’s attorney general, even when the encounter is supposedly to facilitate a strengthening of relations between both countries in the fight against crime. A moderately institutionalized society would require Attorney General [Read more]

Texas: Free Expression?

May 9, 2015 // Semana - Colombia - Spanish

Pamela Geller, 56, left her anonymity behind this week after organizing a contest in Dallas, Texas that included caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, and ended in a shooting where the two aggressors died. The contest was designed to mock the symbols of Islam with the representations of the prophet and, as was expected, [Read more]
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