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Vladimir Putin

Hollywood at War

January 4, 2015 // Komsomolskaya Pravda - Russia - Russian

It’s not often one has occasion to envy North Korea. It’s the most persecuted country in the world; it’s brought into comparison when one wants to insult and humiliate. The most severe sanctions, the grimmest image. Yet Russians could envy the [North Korean] DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) this week: [Read more]

Russia Uses the Language that US Understands

November 21, 2014 // The Herald - Zimbabwe - English

Russia is right to put warplanes on patrol near US airspace. This is not Putin trying to be provocative or flaunting expansionist ambitions. It is simply Russia giving a taste of American medicine back and in language that the arrogant warmongers in Washington will understand.

Israel Will Not Replace Its Ally America with Russia

May 21, 2012 // Al-Wafd - Egypt - Arabic

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz opined that Russia is not viable as an alternative ally to the United States. This comes as Vladimir Putin confirmed the speculation that he would be the most powerful man in Russia and would lead his country until 2024, becoming the greatest leader to rule Russia since Stalin. Putin has [Read more]
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