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Sounds of War

January 16, 2020 // La Razon - Bolivia - Spanish

While President Donald Trump was congratulating himself yesterday, Iran decided to abandon the 2014 nuclear accord.

Rise of China: An Asian Perspective

December 19, 2019 // al-Bayan - U.A.E. - Arabic

The effects of this Asian renaissance have reached every corner of the globe, impacting economics, business and culture; no one in the West or East is exempt from Asian influence.

America Will Never Declare War on China

July 11, 2019 // The Philippines Star - Philippines - English

There he goes again…. President Rodrigo Duterte last Friday dared the United States to declare war against China, which has been increasing its power projection capabilities in the South of China, parts of which is the West Philippine Sea. The President made this speech in Leyte, where he slammed the US for treating [Read more]
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