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The US Will Not Tolerate a Second Rule-Breaker

February 7, 2016 // Vzglyad - Russia - Russian

The new year marks a new phase of relations between Russia and the West. Between the media’s widespread coverage of the Litvinenko affair and recent corruption charges against Vladimir Putin, it is becoming clearer and clearer that these waves of information are not accidental. While reports on the Litvinenko [Read more]

Putin Is Pushing Europe into the Arms of the US

November 17, 2014 // Nezavisimaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

At the Valdai [International] Discussion Club, Vladimir Putin once again held court. If one views what took place from a position of it being advantageous for a journalist, he did not disappoint. One may judge this by the cornucopia of scathing material devoted to his invectives against the United States. [Read more]

Does Everyone Really Lie Equally?

October 2, 2014 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

There is only one truth — ours. Western media, by comparison, continuously examine whether information is balanced, whether or not they’re not succumbing to the propaganda of politicians, whether they’re properly fulfilling their role as the watchdogs of democracy.

The Role of the Zionist Tentacles in the Western Media

September 15, 2013 // Al-Khaleej - U.A.E. - Arabic

The media began as a force of enlightenment, but in most cases it has become something destructive. Media companies fill their time with abortive speech and don’t stop to re-examine the hazardous events committed against humanity. The media moguls believe, or rather fantasize, that they are an indispensable tool for [Read more]