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Can You Spy on Your Allies?

July 6, 2015 // Le Monde - France - French

The evidence of a competition between sovereign states absolutely does not signify that the alliance between the two states is collapsing, nor does it reveal hostile intentions.

Snowden Has Nothing To Be Happy About

June 12, 2015 // Polityka - Poland - Polish

<i>A Turning Point for the NSA: Is America going to reduce wiretapping?</i> <i>The new law restricts the National Security Agency’s right to spy on all electronic communication data. </i> Is this a turning point in favor of Edward Snowden, who is hiding in Russia as a fugitive from U.S. authorities that [Read more]

Snooping and Protecting

June 10, 2015 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

Those who think in terms of 'eavesdropping = Orwell = evil,' find the idea unacceptable. But they offer no effective alternative.

Why Snowden’s New Leaks Have Grown Stale

February 24, 2015 // Beijing Times - China - Chinese

Despite the fact that Snowden's various earth-shattering leaks cannot be proven, one thing is true: The mobile information age has not increased security guarantees for individual privacy, but [has done] the opposite.