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Bush Plans Sudan Invasion ... Can Americans Stop Him?

Why is Darfur Province in an almost constant state of misery and chaos? According to this op-ed article from Egypt's Algomhuria, President Bush plans to engineer an invasion of Sudan, in order to 'prey upon its land and its riches.' The question is, the author writes, 'Can Americans reign in Bush and his outlandish ideas … for once?'

By Arabi Assil

Translated By Nicolas Dagher

March 23, 2006

Egypt - Algomhuria - Original Article (Arabic)    

African Union Troops on Patrol on Darfur.
Is Washington Hoping for Them to Fail? (above).

BBC NEWS VIDEO: Civilized World Fails to Come to
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a Soldier of the Janjaweed Militia [in Green] Chats
with Sudanese policemen in North Darfur, Sudan. (below)

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This Man was Castrated and then Shot in the Head,
a Common Fate of Male Prisoners Taken by the Janjaweed.


It seems that the United States is not content to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, but that it also wants to meddle in the Sudan. American intentions toward Sudan have been clear since the crisis began in Western Sudan's Darfur Province. At the start of the crisis, Washington made many statements wherein it described the situation as genocide, and holding the Sudanese government fully responsible.  Now the U.S. President has appealed to NATO Secretary General Japp de Hoop Scheffer for a NATO intervention into Darfur. He said that in order to end the crisis, they discussed a strategy that would allow NATO to take a leading role in the province.

Naturally, Bush isn't really concerned with the welfare of the people of Sudan, and doesn't really want to end the turmoil there. What he wants is to meddle in Sudan's affairs just as he has in Iraq. When he invaded the country, Bush was not concerned for the people of Iraq. How else can we explain the daily massacres of Iraq’s people at the hands of U.S. forces? Bush wants to openly pursue and implement the same policy in Sudan. He has proposed to the NATO Secretary to wait until the African Union mission to provide security if Darfur fails. The mission will then be transferred to the U.N. Security Council, where a resolution will be tabled. NATO and the United States will then spring into action, and persuade the Sudanese government that NATO's purpose is to provide security to the Sudanese people and help them reach a lasting peace.

The African Union shouldn't give Bush the opportunity. All of Africa must cooperate to provide moral and material support to the African Union, which is supervising 7,000 peacekeeping troops in Darfur. The people of Sudan should not let the opportunity pass, to stop those nations which are looking to prey upon Sudan's lands and riches.

Starving Girl in Darfur Who
Made it to an Aid Station.

We call on the American people, for once, to take the political initiative and rein in the outlandish ideas of President Bush, who by pursuing his aggressive whims is bringing shame and destruction to the American people. We are living in a time when colonialist countries no longer have a place, in a world that has become a single global village and in which a catastrophic incident in one place takes a toll on everyone. That is especially the case in terms of terrorism, which means violence and then unending vengeance.

Bush and his supporters want to promote a civil war in Sudan by smuggling weapons to the rebels, and inciting them to fight in order to prolong the crisis and provide a reason for military intervention.  


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