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A confession posted on a website by a translator working for US forces in Tikrit, 160 km to the north of Baghdad, aroused fear

Endangered Species: Unable to obtain protection - or a visa -

from the United States, the interpreters U.S. forces depend on

are fleeing or thinking of doing so.



Al-Iraq News, Iraq

'Repentant' Interpreter for U.S.

Forces 'Promises' to Expose His

Former Colleagues on Internet


"I promise to post the names of translators - both male and female - who frequently visit the U.S. base, along with photos and documents to prove it."


-- Former Interpreter for U.S. Forces


Translated By Ahmed Naoual


September 18, 2007


Iraq - Al-Iraq News - Original Article (Arabic)

A confession posted on the Internet by a translator working for U.S. forces in Tikrit [Saddam's home town] has provoked fear among many of his former colleagues who still work for the Americans. Some of these translators expressed fear that this “repenting” translator might post their names and thus endanger their lives, especially since there is no limit to who can peruse the Internet. One translator (who spoke on condition of anonymity) said, "I intend to quit working for U.S. forces and am considering fleeing the country." He added that, "Despite our services to American forces, they will not be able to provide protection for us and our families if and when our names are posted on the Internet."


According to the confession posted on a Web site of an armed faction battling the occupation, the "reformed translator" said that he had been working with U.S. forces stationed at an Air Force base in Tikrit, and that he had stated his repentance on several news networks, after American forces bombed a police station in Abu Ajeel (5km east of Tikrit), which "killed large numbers of police and innocent citizens." The translator said, "I published my confession right after the incident on several news networks and I promise to post the names of translators - both male and female - who frequently visit the U.S. base, along with photos and documents to prove it," once he leaves Iraq and settles in another country.


He pointed put that, "They (the interpreters) were behind the arrests of a large number of young people, tribal elders, university professors, and innocent civilians in Tikrit and other nearby districts based on fabricated information, and based on this false evidence, American forces raided a large number of homes."


The translator added that he was in possession of documents, videotapes and CD-ROMS implicating interpreters who frequent the U.S. base or accompany American forces disguised as U.S. soldiers to arrest suspects in night raids. He explained that he was keeping an eye on them, and that, "they are still doing their jobs and causing harm to innocent citizens."


It is worth noting that many translators have already been killed after their names were disclosed in leaflets distributed throughout the city.