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Since Luis Posada Carriles Has Resurfaced Earlier This Year, Having Him Prosecuted Has Become Fidel Castro's Crusade
—BBC VIDEO NEWS: Cuban Terror Suspect Carriles Seeks Asylum in U.S., June. 14, 00:01:25

White House Harbors Terrorist, Mocks Justice and War on Terror

A man who is a widely acknowledged terrorist and mass murderer, Luis Posada Carriles, is being shielded from prosecution by people in the White House and Pentagon, whose secrets he protects and for whom his crimes were committed. According to this op-ed article from Cuba’s El Habinero, the former CIA operative and another man sabotaged a Cubana airline in 1976, resulting in the deaths of 73 people.

By Raul San Miguel

October 6, 2005

El Habanero - Cuba - Original Article (Spanish)

Luis Posada Carriles Tries Coming in from the Cold

The deep waters off the beaches of Barbados would have been clearly seen from the Cubana aircraft. Within the plane, the teammates of Cuba’s national fencing team told jokes and anecdotes in the warm glow of their recent victory, as they flew back to their Mother country.

None of the 73 passengers and crew of the DC-10 imagined that, in a matter of moments, they would plummet irretrievably into the sea as a consequence of a savage terrorist attack that would cut short their lives, in an action that would shock international public opinion.

Orlando Bosch

Nevertheless, the government of the United States - whose sinister intelligence services have acted to support the criminals - have and continue to strive to help Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, the people most responsible for the sabotage, avoid being put in prison for their crimes.

—READ the declassified CIA Dossier of Luis Posada Carriles on the National Security Archives

Twenty-nine years later, the assassin Orlando Bosch walks the streets of Miami. In regard to the entry of Luis Posada Carriles into United States, after his boat The Santrina ran aground in Mexico and was forced to berth in Florida, the White House concocted a show that would allow it to ignore the accusations of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, amidst a sordid plan of concealment and repeated denials.

'Gangster' Roger Noriega, Ex- Deputy Secretary of State

A Little more than a month and a "painful delivery" later, another great lie of President George W. Bush came to light: Yes, Corriles was in fact on North American territory. But the Bush Administration already had another plan: After a "startling" press conference, to transfer him by golf cart to a helicopter with an escort and treatment fit for a president rather than a criminal. He was then quickly transferred to a secure location and finally to El Paso, where Judge [William] Abbot concluded the judicial farce by deciding not to extradite the defendant in a judgment that adds even more manure to the filth created by the current American administration in regard to the fight against terrorism. 

As soon as Washington had declared it would not offer political refuge to Carriles, the Venezuela Supreme Court declared that it had proceeded with a request for his extradition for presumed terrorist acts.

In those days [in May], the United States represented "an empire under law that is very different from the Cuban dictatorship,” in the words of gangster Roger Noriega, then Deputy Secretary of State for Hemispheric Affairs. In May of this year, he said "we have no interest in offering asylum to someone that is guilty of criminal acts. We will deal with this in a private, serious and transparent way."

But long before his declaration, Mr. Noriega had declared that he had "no specific information" on the whereabouts of Luis Posada Carriles. Nevertheless, they soon displayed his presence and absolved him of any connection to the crime of Barbados or the other political murders he committed - with White House consent in nations around the world -including on American territory.

Document Shows Prior CIA Knowledge of Carriles' Plans to Blow Up Caban Airliner

—READ the declassified CIA dossier of Luis Posada Carriles on the National Security Archives

[Editor’s Note: The Cuban government also charges Carriles with a series of bombings of hotels in Havana in 1997, in an attempt to assassinate Castro].

The failure of Judge Abbot is shameful and embarrassing. Once again, his decision has left unpunished a terrorist in the service of the United States - the very man that undertook the criminal sabotage of the Cubana airplane over Barbados. The assassin, who still boasts of his ties to the U.S. intelligence services, perfectly understands that his safety is guaranteed as long as he continues to protect information that has the “Top Secret seal,” and that implicates figures in the top echelons of the White House and Pentagon.

[Editor’s Note: On September 27, Judge William Abbott invoked the U.N. Convention against Torture to justify his ruling. At the previous hearing, Posada’s lawyer produced Joaquin Chaffardet, a longtime friend and colleague of Posada’s, who testified that the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez tortures prisoners. The U.S. prosecutor also expressed concern that because of ties between Venezuela and Cuba, Posada, once in Venezuela, would be transferred to Cuba. Immigration officials said the former CIA operative would remain in custody for at least 90 days while the case was reviewed].

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