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A man runs down a street warning people to flee shortly after a twin car bomb attack at Shorja market in Baghdad, Feb. 21. On that particular day, three bombing attacks on popular markets killed 64 people and wouded about 150.


—THE DEATH SQUADS - A Channel 4 News Documentary, U.K.: Why are efforts to stop death-squad related violence foundering? This British investigation comes to some disturbing conclusions, 00:45:26, Nov. 7, 2006 WindowsVideo

‘The security of the Iraqi government will not be assured until the cup of blood is full.’ [Iraq4all, Iraq].

The 'death squads' and sectarian militia that roam Iraq's streets have made parts of the country a living hell. Watch the gripping documentary from Britain's Channel Four News on these murderous groups and why they apparently cannot be stopped. (below).

This picture posted March 2 on the Internet by an al-Qaeda-linked group called the Islamic State of Iraq, allegedly showig 18 members of Iraq's interior ministry at an unidentified time and location in Iraq. The picture below is said to be a screen shot of their murder, allegedly for the rape of a Sunni woman by members of the Shiite-dominated police.

Screen shot of the men being killed, according to the Internet posting.

A relative of one of the murdered men cries over his corpse.

(Game) Hide Away Death Squads (until American’s leave)

Iraq4all, Iraq

Hiding Iraq's Death Squads is No Game


"How can one ignore the fact that with all of their capabilities, the occupiers and the government failed to prevent a vehicle carrying hundreds of kilos of explosives from freely crossing the border, traveling the streets and passing through check point after check point?"


By Amin al-Hashmee


Translated By David Western and Nicolas Dagher


February 24 2007


Iraq – Iraq4all – Original Article (Arabic)

For over two years through the murder and corruption they commit, death squads have undermined Iraq's security. By virtue of their names or ID cards and depending on the mood of those manning the sectarian check points, Iraqis are being forced to flee their neighborhoods or are killed.


As cries for help continue in residential areas, the government denies that the mayhem is the work of gangs (death squads of Jihadisists and followers of Saddam). The government always has a handy excuse to justify its silence and failure in regard to death squad crimes. Some of the new political leaders [Shiites] even create alibis and justifications for these crimes, saying that the death squads merely exist as a reaction to even greater crimes.


This idea that "the death squads didn't come first!" is an arrogant way of thinking, and is unproductive and suspicious. Furthermore, such twisted logic is not a product of a precise reading of the situation and leaves no place for an Iraqi in terms of being a patriot [believing that Iraqis should be above sectarian division].


If someone sets off a car bomb, police records show that the perpetrator was unknown. Then the gangs use death squads – which operate under police protection (and under the protective cover of politicians) - to retaliate against ordinary unarmed civilians in certain [Sunni] neighborhoods of Baghdad.


These innocent victims are murdered as though they were the killers and criminals who blow up markets like al-Shorja, al-Saudaria, al-thorwera and other places [these are mostly Shiite markets].


And how can one ignore the fact that that with all of their capabilities, the occupiers and the government failed to prevent a vehicle carrying hundreds of kilos of explosives from freely crossing the border, traveling the streets and passing through check point after check point? On top of that, the authorities have been unable to identify even a single car bomb or person who prepares them; and they have failed to inhibit their passage through government checkpoints on their way to park amid shops and innocent people.


The voices of people who care have made patriotic appeals to the government and occupying troops to fulfill their responsibility and duty by confronting the death squads. These voices call for the taking of legal action against death squads and those who stand behind them, and to stop Iranian infiltration - which also supports the death squads.


But these voices were in vain until this bloody scandal was documented by trusted foreign news networks (Britain's Channel 4 made a documentary about the death squads WATCH ]; and after President Bush acknowledged the existence of ethnic cleansing and that the death squads are backed by political authorities and have infiltrated the federal bureaucracy.


When the reality was exposed that the death squads are deeply rooted within the State security apparatus and are backed by political forces, the government was forced - with the help of American forces - to develop and impose a new security plan in Baghdad. Compelled by both domestic and international pressure, the American administration came up with new plans and policies to deal with Iran's open infiltration, with the death squads and with the sectarian militias.


When the leaders of the death squads and sectarian militias felt that their treachery had been exposed to the entire world; and when the network of Iranian infiltrators was uncovered and was about to fall into the grip of American forces; there began a new game: to help the militia and death squad leaders escape.


This is like a badly directed play in which, for example, the government decides to return a single mosque [to the Sunnis after it was desecrated by the rape of a young girl], or they invite families to return to their homes after being forced to leave by the militias.


[Editor's Note: Author is trying to say that the government is play-acting to show that they are doing something to placate the population and the Americans, when in reality they are doing little of real value to correct the problem].


These tactics have clear objectives. When [Americans or government] forces opposing the death squads arrive, those who have spearheaded the strife [death squads and militia members] are smuggled out of Iraq to circumvent the new security plan. This was also conceived as a way to save senior politicians who stand behind the death squads and militia groups, by helping those who could implicate them slip the grasp of the new security plan.


The scandalous game of smuggling death squad leaders and the militia chiefs of treachery and slaughter out of the country, (to say nothing of the documents that have surfaced demonstrating that this was all done with the advice of government officials) can absolutely not be forgiven due to the shortcomings of the government over the past two years. Not in the face of such horrific crimes, i.e. forced migration, kidnapping and murder. If the Iraqi government hopes to atone for its shortcomings and demonstrate its complete "Iraqiness" and non-sectarian patriotism - it must disclose all the facts without any cover-up or disguise.


And After having been infiltrated in such an open and widely-known fashion, the State must accelerate the cleansing of government forces of any trace of militia control. And to prove that it's a government of all Iraqis, the death squad criminals must be submitted to justice.


May God grant goodness and security to all of Iraq and the Iraqi people.


Arabic Version Below


...(لعبة) تهريب فرق الموت!!... د. أيمــــــن الهاشمي


منذ أكثر من عامين وفرق الموت تعبث بأمن العراق قتلا وفسادا، تقتل وتهجر العراقيين على الاسم والهوية وحسب المزاج الطائفي!


وكانت وما زالت صيحات الاستغاثة تنطلق من الأحياء السكنية... والحكومة تكتفي بالإنكار وادعاء أن هذه الأفعال هي من عمل عصابات (التكفيريين والصداميين)!! وصارت تلك (شماعة) دائمية وجاهزة تعلق عليها تقصيرها.. وسكوتها عن جرائم فرق الموت... وكان البعض من الزعماء السياسيين الجدد يختلق الذرائع والمبررات لهذه الجرائم بالقول أنها (ردة فعل) لجرائم أكبر.. وأنَّ فرق الموت لم تكن هي البادئة! وهذا منطق فج وسقيم ومشبوه! ولا ينم عن قراءة دقيقة للواقع ولا مكان فيه للحس العراقي الوطني.. فإذا ما تم تفجير (سيارة مفخخة) بفعل فاعل يقيد مجهولا في سجلات شرطتنا المتميلشة!!! تجد عصابات فرق الموت (المحمية بغطاء السياسيين) تنتقم من الأهالي البسطاء العزل في أحياء معينة من بغداد.. وكأنما أولئك الأهالي الضحايا الأبرياء هم فعلا (المجرمون القتلة) الذين فجّروا أسواق الشورجة والصدرية والثورة والرشيد وغيرها من الأماكن، وتناسى الميليشياويون أن كل إمكانات المحتل والحكومة لم تنجح في منع مفخخة تحمل مئات الكيلوغرامات من المتفجرات من التحرك بحرية في الشوارع، أو المرور عبر الحدود، والسيطرات، وفوق ذلك لم تتمكن من كشف هوية سيارة مفخخة واحدة ومن يقف وراء تفخيخها ومرورها عبر النقاط الحكومية وإيقافها وسط الأسواق المكتظة بالأبرياء..


وكانت اصوات الغيارى والوطنيين تناشد الحكومة وقوات الاحتلال ان تمارس دورها وواجبها في التصدي لفرق الموت واتخاذ الاجراءات القانونية بحقها وبحق من يقفون وراءها، وإيقاف التغلغل الأيراني الداعم لميليشيات الموت، إلا أن تلك الأصوات كانت تذهب أدراج الرياح، حتى جاءت الفضائح الدموية موثقة من قبل أجهزة إعلامية أجنبية رصينة (كما في القناة الرابعة البريطانية)، وأقر الرئيس بوش بوجود تطهير عرقي، ووجود فرق موت مدعومة من قوى سياسية، ومتغلغلة في قوات الدولة، وإضطرت الأدارة الأمريكية تحت ضغط الفضائح الدولية وتصاعد النقمة الداخلية والخارجية إلى أن تضع خططا وسياسات جديدة للتعامل مع التغلغل الأيراني المفضوح، وفرق الموت وميليشيات العنف الطائفي، وإضطرت الحكومة أن تضع وفق ذات السياق خطة لفرض الأمن والقانون في بغداد، بمشاركة القوات الأمريكية، وحين أحست قيادات فرق الموت وميليشيات الغدر أن فضائحها قد انكشفت للعالم كله، وحين بدأت شبكات التغلغل الأيراني تتكشف وتقع في قبضة القوات الأمريكية، بدأت (لعبة) جديدة لتفويت الأمر وإنقاذ قادة ميليشيات الموت، بتمثيليات هزيلة الاخراج مثل إعادة (مسجد واحد!!) مغتصب، ودعوة العوائل المهجرة قسرا من قبل الميليشيات للعودة إلى مساكنها، وهي تكتيكات واضحة المقاصد، ثم جاءت (لعبة) تهريب رؤوس الفتنة وقادة فرق الموت إلى خارج العراق، في محاولة للألتفاف على الخطة الأمنية الجديدة، ومحاولة لأنقاذ السياسيين الكبار الذين يقفون وراء هذه الفرق والميليشيات من الوقوع في قبضة قوات تنفيذ الخطة الأمنية.


لقد إفتضحت (لعبة) تهريب رؤوس فرق الموت وقادة ميليشيات الغدر والذبح، ((ولا نريد أن نتطرق إلى وثائق كشفت مؤخرا عن نصائح من أطراف (حكومية) لقادة فرق الموت بالاختفاء أو السفر))، لكن لا يمكن مطلقا أن نتغافل ونتعامى عن (التقصير) الحكومي على مدى عامين تجاه جرائم فرق الموت والتهجير والذبح الطائفي.. وإذا ما أرادت (الحكومة العراقية) أن تكفر عن تقصيرها، وتثبت عراقيتها الشاملة، ووطنيتها اللا طائفية.. فعليها أن تكشف كل الحقائق دون تورية وتستر، وعليها أن تسرع في تطهير القوات الحكومية من الميليشيات التي تغلغلت فيها بشكل معلوم ومكشوف.. وأن تقدم مرتكبي جرائم فرق الموت إلى القضاء العادل كي تثبت أنها حكومة لكل العراقيين.. وفق الله الجميع لما فيه خير وأمن العراق والعراقيين ...