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Iraqs Intellectuals and Masses Front accuses Al-Maliki and the Americans of conspiracy to loot Iraqs oil

The bottom line: The battle for Iraqi oil is on



Iraq News Agency, Iraq

Iraqis Call for an 'Uprising'

Against Proposed Oil Law


"This scheme is aimed at hijacking Iraq's resources to further U.S.-Iranian interests at the expense of the Iraqi people and future generations."


-- Statement By 'Iraqi Intellectuals' and the National Front Dialogue


Translated By Ahmed Naoual


September 26, 2007


Iraq - Iraq News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)

Iraqi Intellectuals and the National Front Dialogue accuse Americans and the Nouri Al-Maliki government of conspiring to plunder Iraq's oil and gas under a new bill to be presented to Parliament.


A statement by the National Front Dialogue, Iraqi educators and Iraq oil worker unions in Basra, Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates, says that the nation must rise up and confront the "greatest conspiracy of our times" being perpetrated by the American occupation in collusion with the so-called government of Nouri Al-Maliki, to steal Iraq's oil wealth with a bill that has been ratified by the government of the Green Zone and deposited with the so-called Parliament.


The oil bill is to be voted upon in accordance with the plans of the White House, and would complete the task which has long been sought by Bush: The theft and outright looting of Iraq's central source of wealth (oil). This is the task that Bush had in mind when he launched Iraq's invasion and occupation, based on the now-discredited lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


In a declaration, the National Front appealed to Iraqi intellectuals, the Iraqi people, and national elites in labor and government, to participate in acts of civil disobedience called for in Basra, Baghdad and other provinces by the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions and all other union bodies, and to engage in any other demonstrations to protest against the American-sponsored oil and gas legislation.


The statement paid tribute to the leaders and board of directors of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, for their valiant uprising against this American project and the tyranny of the Iranian-aligned government which has embarked on a campaign of intimidation, arresting the oil union leaders who have led this collective national reaction against these suspicious schemes aimed at hijacking Iraq's resources to further U.S.-Iranian interests at the expense of the Iraqi people and future generations.


May God come to your aid. The people, history and the evidence are all on your side and will record your acts of heroism in an age of great betrayal and conspiracy, which will one day be smashed on the rock of Iraq.