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The Korean and American Flags, Shown With Insignia for the Annual U.S.-South Korea Ulchi Focus Lens Excercises.

Top U.S. and South Korean Naval Officials After the Ulchi Focus Lens 2002 Excercises.

Kim Jong-il Regime Calls for End of U.S.-Led War Games

Pyongyang regards the annual U.S.-South Korea war games as a provocation, says the purpose of the annual event is to put the finishing touches on plans for a war of aggression, and helpfully points out that all this might be a setback for six-party talks. By North Korean standards, it is a rather half-hearted verbal attack on Washington, which could be a good sign.

August 24, 2005

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Pyongyang: The United States and South Korea began the Ulji Focus Lens 2005 joint military exercises on Aug. 22. The 12-day exercises will end Sept. 2, the Rodong Sinmun [Communist Party Newspaper] observed in a signed commentary on Wednesday:

Taking in the Sights on the Streets of Pyongyang. Photo from May, 2001

South Korean Naval Mishipmen Visit a U.S. Ship.

In pushing forward the reorganization and relocation of its forces and staging military exercises with South Korea and Japan in quick succession, the U.S. is fully preparing itself for another Korean War. The ongoing saber-rattling is, therefore, preliminary to provoking a war of aggression. It goes on:

The exercises are aimed at finishing off preparations for a preemptive attack on the Democratic Peopleís Republic of North Korea and ratcheting up tensions on the Korean Peninsula. It is also an attempt to hamstring the process of reconciliation and cooperation between the north and south and, by force of arms, pressure North Korea into accepting the unreasonable demands raised by the U.S. at six-party talks.

Should America persist in escalating its military provocations and refuse to withdraw its policy of stifling North Korea, the chances for confidence-building between Pyongyang and Washington will fade and the situation will turn more complicated.

Reality compels the army and people of the Democratic Peopleís Republic of North Korea to heighten their vigilance against Americaís sophism that it will "neither attack nor invade the DPRK." It also reinforces Pyongyangís determination to bolster its military deterrence in every way. Americaís bellicose forces should ponder the consequences of their madcap military exercises against North Korea and immediately stop the Ulji Focus Lens-2005 joint military exercises. which mitigate against peace and dialogue.

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